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Medical Billers and Coders

The most competitive and cost effective, stress free billing services for you

Billing as low as 2.75%

Starting at 2.75% of practice collections depending

Why MHS?

We believe that true value of Medisure Health Services is more than just saving you money. It is about providing you a service which is efficient, cost effective, and tailored to your needs. We strive to provide you with a customized solutions that will help you gain a competitive advantage in your business with a positive impact to your cash flow and bottom line.

We work for you. In procuring your business we are very involved in doing research in to what your needs are, identifying problems and finding solutions. We work for you and will find the right vendor that fits your needs whatever it might be. The advantage we have over using other international providers is our personal touch through local representatives, coupled with our years of experience in this field and our global contacts.

MHS Services

Our Special Services

MHS provides medical billing and revenue cycle management services to run all the essential functions of a practice smoothly. Being a healthcare revenue cycle management company, MHS ensures a hassle-free procedure for physicians and practices through its services.

Medical Billing

MHS is introducing a revolutionary approach by providing medical billing services for Small Practice and Mid-Sized Practices to ensure providers are properly reimbursed for their service

Medical Coding

We are one of the leading medical coding companies that enable a workflow to minimize errors, accelerate the billing process and reduce revenue loss.


MHS believes in providing personalized services focusing on efficient revenue cycle management in medical billing. We want to achieve client satisfaction by adding value to our top-notch resources and tools.


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What Our Client’s Say’s

Adam McWilliams
Orthopedic Urgent Care

Adam raised the bar in digitizing their workflow and EHR. With MHS EHR Adam has been able to expand using the scalable and flexible software to meet their needs.


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